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BSF Standard Documents

PfS has developed standard documentation for all aspects of BSF - ranging from procurement documents (OJEU notices and pre-qualification questionnaires) to contract documents (the 'BSF standard documents') that underpin both the long-term partnership and the delivery of the principal types of contracts (which may be PFI, conventionally-funded 'design and build' or ICT).

Please note that changes to the BSF standard documents will only be permitted for project-specific reasons which are approved by PfS.

Standard documents and templates are organised into the following categories:

All documents and guidance are regularly reviewed - the date in brackets shows the publication date. Where revisions are made to standard documents, we also include a 'Deltaview' document to show which changes have been made.

Strategic Partnering Agreement

Shareholders' Agreement

PFI Documents

The draft revised Output Specification (now called the Facilities and Services Output Specification) for consultation and for local authorities in Wave 5 onwards is available below. Please read the introductory comments that accompany the draft templates. The final version will be available here in Spring 2010.

A presentation about the FSOS is available from the Design Guidance section of this website.

Design and Build Contracts

ICT Documents

Derogations Guidance and Forms

Voluntary Aided School Template Documents and Guidance

Governing Body Agreement Template Documents

Procurement Documents

OJEU and PQQ Documents

ITCD Documents

IPD Documents (for Wave 5 onwards)

All of the revised IPD, OJEU, SPA and SHA documents for Wave 5 onwards, from the BSF Procurement Review, are available to download together in a zip file:

Performance and Benchmarking