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BSF standard documents
(March 2006)

PfS has developed standard documentation for all aspects of BSF procurement – ranging from procurement documents (OJEU notices and pre-qualification questionnaires) to contract documents (the 'BSF standard documents') that underpin both the long-term partnership and the delivery of the principal types of contracts (which may be PFI, conventionally-funded 'design and build' or ICT).

Please note that changes to the BSF standard documents will only be permitted for project-specific reasons which are approved by PfS.

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The Local Education Partnership

PfS developed the Local Education Partnership (LEP) model as a delivery mechanism for Building Schools for the Future.

Simply put, the LEP model allows local authorities (LAs) to procure all the requirements of their local BSF projects through a single long-term partnership with a private sector partner and PfS in a joint venture company called a Local Education Partnership (LEP).

The LEP model allows public and private sectors to engage at a truly strategic level on planning and delivery, and allows BSF projects to be developed and delivered without the need for repetitive and inefficient procurements.

Inevitably, given that BSF is a long-term programme and involves a complex mix of funding routes, services and contracts, the initial procurement has been designed to select a private sector partner (PSP) with a very wide range of skills and expertise. The establishment of a long-term partnership will enable all parties to develop and deliver future projects in a manner that fulfills BSF programme requirements at a local level.