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BSF standard documents list

Derogation Request Templates

Strategic Partnering Agreement (revised January 2008)

Shareholders' Agreement (revised January 2008)

PFI Project Agreement

PFI Payment Mechanism

Output Specification

Management Services Agreement

Funders' Direct Agreement

Design and Build Contracts

ICT Services Contract

ICT Payment Mechanism (Schedule 5 to the ICT Services Contract)

ICT Output Specification

Procurement Documents

The BSF OJEU Contract Notice has been revised to take into account the new Public Procurement Directive (2004/18/EC) and the Public Contracts Regulations 2006. Please note, as the new style OJ Notices are no longer available in Word fomat, the BSF standard form OJ Notice below has been created using the European Commission's online submission facility which generates a PDF document. The version set out below was issued on 24 April 2006.

Procurement, Competition and Vires Opinions

Voluntary Aided School Template Documents and Guidance (revised January 2008)

Governing Body Agreement Template Documents (revised January 2008)

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